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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland....

We have started to film the Yellowcayke production. It started out well, however there have been various problems with the production afterwards. On the Friday shoot we had to finish early due to the snow. This has also affected other shoots.

The live isn't the only shoot which was affected due to snow. Many of the actors couldn't come in for rehersals and the college was shut, so we were unable to collect equipment which meant a few other shoot dates were cancelled.

Of course it wasn't negative. Despite a couple of problems, i.e.losing a location and actress the "Positive Children UK" shoot went very well. Arguably the best shoot I've ever been on. The actress dropped out, so we used Louise's mother for the part. This worked quite well. Also later in the shoot we were supposed to use the Teesside Uni Library, however it was closed due to snow. This was only a minor problem as the university staff allowed us to us another building for the shoot.

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