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Monday, 14 February 2011


Just had a quick feedback of my specialism script. At the moment it's very basic and there needs to be some more visuals added. There are also a couple of problems with potential copyright infringement. One of the scenes is very similar to the film "Up" and the ending is quite similar to Edgar Allen Poe's "Raven". There will need to be some changes and different visuals to make stop it from being too similar.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Second Draft Of Poem

As I lie here waiting;
Waiting alone;
Alone in this bed;
I dream;
Dream of memories;
Friends and family long forgotten;
My first love;
I remember my grandfather;
His ramblings;
And how he used to make me laugh;
I remember the words he said to me;
“Arthur”, he said;
“Always remember;”
“A man is not truly rich unless he is blessed with love;”
At first I laughed and brushed him off;
The old fool was always rambling about nothing;
Why should I have listened?;
Oh, how I wish I did;
I loved once;
Ah, Eleanor;
How I miss you;
How I wish I could hear your comforting voice;
As I lie here alone waiting;
We met in school;
I was but a child of thirteen;
We met in the playground;
One December afternoon;
From that day on we never parted;
We were wed in a quaint chapel in Whitby;
‘Twas a beautiful ceremony;
Then came the worst moment of my life;
A moment which changed my life forever;
She was diagnosed with cancer;
They gave her six months to live;
Six months;
The days went by;
While we waited;
Every day I hoped that the doctor was wrong;
Every day I watched her grow weaker;
And weaker with each passing breath;
Despite this she seemed happy and at peace;
I never understood why;
Maybe it was because of faith;
Or maybe it was because even though the future looked bleak;
And even though she would leave before her time;
She had no reason to be sad;
As she had me;
On that fateful winter afternoon in December;
The same afternoon we met;
Twenty-five years later;
She slipped away peacefully;
And with a smile on her face;
I never loved again;
The only love I had was the money;
Over the years I lost friends;
I didn’t need them;
I was rich, what more could I need;
Plus it wouldn’t change anything;
It wouldn’t bring her back;
I lie here in bed wishing I had someone here with me;
What use is money when you have nobody else in the world?;
Nobody to talk to;
Nobody to listen;
Nobody to comfort me as I wait;
There are doctors here;
But all they do is examine me;
Check my heart and blood;
To see if I still live;
I may live physically;
But I died long ago;
The years went by as I watched others slip away;
My grandfather, my mother and my father;
I look out the window and see the night sky;
The darkness;
I begin to ponder at what lies ahead;
Is there a heaven?
A hell?
Will I see my Eleanor again?
Or will I just slip away into permanent darkness?
I wait and I wait;
I hear the branches tapping against the window;
Blowing in the wind with a fit of rage;
The rain pouring outside like a blitzkrieg;
The thunder and lightning;
Booming and flashing;
Perforating my thoughts:
Oh why couldn’t it have been me instead?
Why Eleanor?
Why couldn’t I move on and tried to be happy?
I have no-one;
Nobody cares about a miserable old miser like me;
The storm is getting louder;
An owl is perched on a tree;
Staring at me;
Staring into my soul;
Oh why do you mock me?;
Leave me alone;
Dark shadows pass my eye;
I hear everything;
The doctors on their midnight rounds;
Their footsteps getting louder and louder;
Echoing in the darkness;
The dripping of the tap;
Louder and louder;
Faster and faster;
The storm is raging;
It’s getting colder;
My body is freezing;
The owl is still there watching;
And waiting for something to happen;
Just staring at me;
I feel tired;
Everything’s slowing down;
The owl is still there
Staring, staring;
The grim spectre of death is watching over me;
As I lie here waiting;

 I have timed this and it clocks in at 5 minuteds and 5 seconds.

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Here is a quick retrospective of the Silhouette Owl logo.

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No Rest For The Wicked...

Well it's been a hectic few weeks what with deadlines constantly looming over us like a silent watcher. We've had the multi-cam show, the live film, the multi-cam folder, the live folder and the graphics package. Thankfully everything was handed in on time and hopefully everything was up to standards.

Now a week later we are starting the specialism and we need to get the first drafts of the script finished by Monday. Luckily my poem is already written, so it just needed to be formatted into script. The script itself is very basic at the moment as ideas haven't been fully organized as of yet.

Yesterday we recorded the poem to see how long it took to read out with proper pacing and to see if cuts needed to be made. It took just over 5 minutes to read with a few errors. There were a few lines that made me cringe, however, so I think there will be cuts.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Graphics Package

The graphics package is completed and handed in. Should post up my logo in the next few days.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

And so it begins....

We now have the crews for the specialism. I am editing for Steven's project "It Only Happens Once". It is a piece about domestic abuse with two separate stories intertwined.

For my "Waiting" project, I'm the editor, writer and co-producer along with Sam Hall. I have two directors, Steven Swain and Sam Hall and Laura Glendenning on cinematography. I'm quite happy with the crew, however I'm not too happy being a producer as it's possibly my weakest role.

Monday, 7 February 2011

And now on to the Specialism...

Today we are starting the Specialism project. Last week it was decided in a tutorial that my visual poem "Waiting" will be given the go-ahead for the project. Now I need to find a crew..... To be continued

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


 Both the live and multicam folders are handed in ready to mark. Hopefully they'll both be up to standards.