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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cineworld Showing and Hartlepool

For the past couple of weeks I have been  at Hartlepool CCAD for the end of year degree show. Despite the extra work, it was quite fun and the night went well. I'll be there manning the show today and on Friday.

On Monday we had our end of year degree show at Cineworld. It was a very good night, though my specialism film wasn't shown  However, Positive Children UK was shown in its place. Overall, the night was enjoyable and one of the highlights of the night was seeing my college Media Studies teacher.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Updated Work Resume

Steel Streets (2007) - Director/Camera Operator
St. Mary's College X-Factor (2008) - Camera Operator
Pax Christi Peace Film (2009) - Producer/Director/Camera Operator
Music Video - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (2009) - Director/Producer
The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands (2009) - Producer
Silence Of The Lambs Reinterpretation Chef - (2009) - Lighting/Editor
Silence Of The Lambs Reinterpretation Noir (2009) - Lighting
Journey Of A Relationship (2009) - Producer/Lighting
Silence Of The Lambs Reconstruction (2010) - Sound
A Sense Of Time (2010) - Editor
Sometimes It's Just Not Funny (2010) - Camera Operator/Editor
Framed (2010) - Writer/Producer/Director/Camera Operator/Editor
Me, Myself + I (2010) - Writer/Producer/Director/Editor
Flip For Boro - Loan Shark (2010) - Camera Operator/Runner
Order In The Court 2nd Unit (2011) - Producer/Editor
Order In The Court (2011) - Camera Operator/Vision Mixer/Props Master/Assistant Floor Manager
Positive Children UK (2011) - Runner/Editor
Yellowcayke Saltburn Beach Music Video (2011) - Runner
Just The Once (2011) - Runner/Sound Assistant
Dr. Z (2011)- Clapper/Special Thanks
Collector's Edition (2011) - Special Thanks
Waiting (2011) - Producer/Writer/Editor