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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Oh, Multi-Cam, Multi-Cam, Multicam

Unfortunately we have had a few knockbacks with the multi-cam. As with last year, actors have been a problem. Our Detective Law, dropped due to what he described as a "lack of communication". Not long after that we also lost our Stanley Buttons,  for unknown reasons.  We did have a replacement Detective Law, however he also dropped out because he thought the script was too long winded and was uncomfortable performing live. Not only that but our Vlad,dropped out due to work commitments. This was very unfortuante as he fit the part perfectly. Luckily though, we easily found a replacement, who is the husband of another one of our actresses. In the previous week our Christine Charles, dropped out due to college work and our romance character moved to the USA.  The romance was dropped because of this and was replaced with a chick flick section. We have found replacements for actors, but it is very unfortunate.

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